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Preventative and restorative dentistry for the whole family.

The team at Agathos Dentistry offers a full range of dental services, including comprehensive dental exams, digital radiography, dental cleaning, oral hygiene instruction, tooth coloured fillings, teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, root canal therapy, extractions and dental implants among many others.

Your full-service treatment plan is based on your needs and the goals for your oral health that we establish together. We’ll provide you with our recommendations for optimal oral health to help you make informed decisions about how to care for your teeth and gums. Dr. Agathos is part of your health care team and is invested in your overall well-being.

The team at Agathos Dentistry would be happy to meet with you to create a personalized plan for your oral health care. Schedule an appointment today! We look forward to meeting you.

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Dental Exams

At Agathos Dentistry, we perform an extensive overall dental examination that is carefully tailored to address each individual patient’s wants and needs. We examine the mouth in hopes of uncovering issues that can affect not only your oral health but also your general health. This process can help to diagnose problems early, allowing us to address your issues before symptoms manifest.

Dental Fillings

Fillings are a procedure used to repair decayed and cracked teeth. During this process, Dr. Agathos would carefully perform the removal of the decayed portion of your tooth and then fill or replace it with a custom coloured white filling material that matches your own tooth colour.

Tooth Extractions and Dental Implants

When a tooth has decayed or has endured extensive damage that cannot be fixed or restored, an extraction may be the only solution. After the tooth is extracted, Dr. Agathos can place a dental implant in place of the removed tooth. At Agathos Dentistry, we will always consult with you to evaluate your particular situation, your options and recommend the procedure that is best suited for you.

Dental Cleaning

Our meticulous dental cleaning process is performed by one of our experienced Registered Dental Hygienists. Treatment includes dental scaling and debridement to provide a deep clean that thoroughly removes plaque bacteria and calculus.

Digital Radiography

This state-of-the-art technology has replaced the old film-based system that was formerly used in diagnosis. With the help of this digital radiography, images can be viewed and shared in just a few mouse clicks, allowing us to instantly transfer these images to our patient’s files or to insurance providers. This technology is not only efficient, but it also significantly reduces the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to. Digital radiography is environmentally friendly, as it poses less of a risk to the environment compared to the old chemical processing system.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a very common procedure when it comes to dealing with a serious infection that has affected the nerve of the tooth. This process consists of removing the infected or dead nerve from the tooth. The root canal therapy allows you to keep your natural tooth rather than removing it. Typically, root canal treatments may be completed in one or two visits.